A Tribute to Theresa D'Abreu

Written by Sarah Cooper for Theresa’s Funeral.

Where to begin….

I met T about 18 years ago when I joined the then HHC. At that time we trained twice a week had 5 ladies teams and a thriving men’s section … Theresa was a driving force and the life and soul… I remember her bounding over to me at my first training session and telling me I ‘needed’ to be at training on Monday and I ‘was’ playing on Saturday… that was it she had me hooked.

She quickly became a friend and weirdly she got my unconventional sense of humour!! Many of the jokes were aimed at her…

Like many others that knew T she was someone You could rarely say no to… just like when I told her I wasn’t coming to her funeral… what did she do… this… and here I am….joke on me...


T and I shared many happy memories, and I know you all have many, here are a few of mine: Her green coat, crocs and sarong are unforgettable among her hockey girls, Edison can’t find the coat otherwise I’d be wearing it! She always blamed Edison for moving her kit...

The thong wearing episode that nearly caused Abdul to swallow rather than blow his whistle! Will live long in the memories of many, not least Abdul..

Her ‘tip tap’ one handed jab tackle was legendary and one which I and others often tried to recreate in the changing rooms, but sadly without her flair, grace and or gogogadget arms..

Her “call your players”, and “zone” mantras she used on the pitch that no one ever really understood...


The times I got to butterfly stitch her beautiful face after she’d taken a ball or stick to it, then she’d claim she’d be alright to play on…

The 1 occasion she let me do Nayanas hair… except I had to leave and there was only 1 side completed... I never got asked again….

The numerous weekly phone calls on a Thurs/Fri about who she’d managed to persuade to rock up in the middle end of nowhere at silly o’clock on a frost covered Saturday morning…. How?!?

T was the heartbeat of HMHHC, and the many wishes passed to the club from hockey players and officials from all over are testament to her dedication, commitment and genuinely likeable persona.

There is no I in team but there most certainly was a T in ours... and tomorrow when we put on our kit she won’t be with us in person but boy she’ll be shining down on us with a great big smile on that beautiful (stitched up nicely) face and I’m pretty sure the green coat and the crocs won’t be far from her side.

Sleep well our beautiful friend.